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Who we are

The Center for Research Support in Geological Heritage and Geotourism (GeoHereditas) is a research group based at the Geosciences Institute of the University of São Paulo (IGc / USP). The group has as members researchers in the areas of Geosciences, Biosciences, Social Sciences and Tourism and its main objectives are to promote practices in Geoconservation in several regions of Brazil.

It encompasses research associated with inventories and assessment of sites of geological interest and the actions and policies needed to manage these sites at different levels of government and protected areas. It also includes strategies related to in situ and ex situ geodiversity. Through these surveys it is possible to identify relevant sites and that must be preserved for the use of all of us, this and future generations.

The study of stone heritage can be a very effective tool to help preserve the heritage of a city. Insofar as people know better, they start to value it and preserve it, making Urban Geotourism an effective heritage education instrument, since stone, even though it is a great building material, does not is eternal and must be preserved.

Disclosing geological knowledge to non-specialized audiences is a challenge that is mainly due to the difficulty in translating and interpreting the physical medium in a logical and interactive way. It is essential that geological information be disseminated according to a posture distinct from that used to disseminate purely scientific information.

Line of research aimed at the new frontiers of application of geological knowledge in relations with society and in the construction of a planetary citizenship considering the sustainability, conservation of the geological heritage and the elements of geodiversity and local culture. It is based on theoretical references that promote the understanding of the interface between Earth Sciences and Social Sciences, such as Social Learning, Interdisciplinarity and Transformative Education.

The basic research in Geosciences involves geological mapping, studies in igneous and metamorphic petrology, structural and tectonic geology, rock magnetism, sedimentology, among others, which are the primordial material for the dissemination of geosciences. Basic research contributes to the identification of key locations for understanding the history of our planet.

GeoHereditas is the name of the Center for Research Support in Geological Heritage and Geotourism , a group based at the University of São Paulo that works on a new branch of Geoscience called “Geoconservation”.

Geoconservation works are primarily academic, but their scope extends to society through actions such as teaching, science popularization, geotourism, and spatial planning and management.

This is why our group brings together researchers from different areas who produce interdisciplinary works that transcend the limits of the university.